Best vacuum for pet hair

If you’re a pet owner, you probably have been faced with the task of cleaning up the pet hair that seems to get absolutely everywhere! Even though you love your pets dearly, the task of keeping the house clean can be quite cumbersome and overwhelming. This being the case, you’re probably searching for a solution for this issue, so keep reading!

Many people will grab their computer when looking for a solution and this is no different. The vast amount of information that’s available for absorption is absolutely amazing and you can find tips and tricks for just about anything! Believe it or not, if you start this research on your own, you’ll actually find that the most common solution is a proper vacuum cleaner. Many people don’t realize that all vacuums aren’t equal and there are many that aren’t cut out for cleaning up pet hair effectively.

If you’re looking for the best vacuums to clean up pet hair, I’ve put together a checklist of what to look for. It’s pretty simple really, if you follow this guideline you’ll find the vacuum that works best for your needs and minimizes the effort that you must put out in order to keep a tidy home.

What is the best pet hair vacuum?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get here is what the best pet hair vacuum is. Well, the answer to that question is that it depends.

Not Only For Pet Hair

There are also other vacuums that have excellent pet hair removal capabilities however these do not have other features. These vacuums may have good pet hair-removing qualities but do not have other amazing qualities that make them a worth purchase. There are however two models that can be recommended for the features these have: the Miele S7260 Cat & Dog and the LG Kompressor Canister PetCare Plus Vacuum Cleaner LcV900B. Both vacuums performed well but the Miele S7260 was far better when tested and it also makes less noise.

Best Canister Vacuum For Pet Hair

Another good vacuum model is the Hoover WindTunnel UH30010COM Canister Vacuum. This particular vacuum is best used to get rid of pesky pet hair that can be found around the house and on curtains and carpets. This vacuum has a strong suction at different speeds and it does not have vacuum bags. It provides faster and easier cleaning for pet hair.

Best Upright Vacuum For Pet Hair

There are vacuums that are good at cleaning carpets but cannot provide the features needed to clean pet hair. Among the vacuums that have been tested is the Dyson DC25 Animal Ball-Technology Upright Vacuum, which has been proven to get rid of pet hair and clean carpets and floors. The vacuum is good to have around the house especially if you have a lot of pets. This vacuum is not recommended for those who want to use it to just clean that house because the features are best used to get rid of pet hair.

Best choose under $150

The vacuums that are best known to clean pet hair and is known to be budget friendly are the: Eureka Boss Smart-Vac Upright HEPA Vacuum Cleaner, 4870MZ and Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Pet Rewind Plus Upright Vacuum, Bagless, UH70210. These have the features that help in cleaning your house for pet owners and are not as expensive as other vacuums. You can buy these for under $150 and you would be able to put these to use. These inventions are the best that have tested and is highly recommended for those who need to get rid of pet hair in their house.

Best Overall Pet Hair Vacuum

Dyson DC39 Animal – This is by far the best Dyson animal vacuum on the market. Ideal for pet owners, expensive but worth it. If you can afford it, get a Dyson. The DC39 works great (I have it).

How To Finding The Best Vacuum To Clean Up Pet Hair?

If you’ve been searching and are unable to find a vacuum that gets the job done properly, don’t sweat it! It’s probably just because you’re looking for the wrong features and options instead of the basic needs that you have. Although this guideline should be very helpful, you may want to do additional research online or elsewhere before finalizing your decision on which type of vacuum to get. These steps are just what worked for me when I was shopping for the vacuum that I needed. Please keep in mind that just because a certain vacuum works for me, doesn’t mean that it will work for you, everyone has different needs that must be met.

 – The first thing to check is the manufacturer. Many people have a personal preference and will stand behind a brand until the day they die. While it’s good to have a passion for items, this could end up hurting you in the long-run if your preferred company doesn’t offer what you need. I would just suggest to try to keep an open mind and understand that the wise choice might not necessarily be the one that you’d personally prefer.

 – Next is the features. Obviously each vacuum will have or lack certain features. This can be a difficult step if you’re not sure exactly what you may need. If this is the case, be sure that you as friends or even an employee to be sure that your needs are covered. From there, you can go into features that would be considered comforts. These are things that would be nice to have, but they’re not the number one priority to be included in your vacuum.

 – Something many people overlook is how often they plan on using the vacuum and cleaning it out. If you’re someone who constantly keeps the vacuum emptied and cleaned, you may only need a smaller model. On the other hand, if you tend to not empty yours on a regular basis, you may want to go for something that has a larger storage tank.

 – Another piece of research that would be beneficial for you to look into is how each model is rated. Most vacuums have an option for pet hair, so check which ones are the highest rated for picking it up and consider those first. Just because there’s a sale on something doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to work for you. That being said, this is an important step and shouldn’t be overlooked! The reviews and ratings are there to help you out, so take advantage of them and be sure that you don’t come home with a vacuum that isn’t going to provide what you need.

Top 10 Best Vacuums for pet hair:

NamePreviewPriceRead More                                        
Dyson DC39 Animal Canister Vacuum CleanerDyson DC39 Animal canister vacuum cleaner$$$$$Read Review
LG Kompressor Canister PetCare Plus Vacuum Cleaner LcV900BLG Kompressor Canister PetCare Plus Vacuum Cleaner LcV900B$$$Read Review
Miele S7260 Cat & Dog Upright Vacuum CleanerMiele S7260 Cat & Dog Upright Vacuum Cleaner$$$$$Read Review
Dyson DC25 Animal Ball-Technology Upright Vacuum CleanerDyson DC25 Animal Ball-Technology Upright Vacuum Cleaner$$$$$Read Review
Eureka SuctionSeal Pet Upright VacuumEureka SuctionSeal Pet Upright Vacuum$$Read Review
Dirt Devil UD70095 Power Reach Pet Bagless Upright VacuumDirt Devil UD70095 Power Reach Multi Cyclonic Pet Bagless Upright$Read Review
Dyson DC41 Animal Bagless Vacuum CleanerDyson DC41 Animal Bagless Vacuum Cleaner$$$$$Read Review
Eureka Pet Lover Mighty Mite,3684FEureka Pet Lover Mighty Mite$Read Review
Dyson DC28 AnimalDyson DC28 Animal$$$$$Read Review

Finding The Best Vacuum To Avoid Allergies

Unfortunately, many people are faced with allergies. Whether it be seasonal or a non-stop irritant, they aren’t fun and the proper vacuum can actually help reduce symptoms. The major feature that you want to be sure is included is something called a HEPA filter. These will actually help to pick up extra fine particles which often irritate and cause flare-ups with allergies. You should also keep in mind that there are some vacuums that allow you to avoid coming in direct contact with the contents of the bag when emptying it out. This is something that you’re definitely going to want to look into if you have a history of allergies.

NamePreviewPriceRead More
iRobot Roomba 770 Vacuum Cleaning Robot for Pets and AllergiesiRobot Roomba 770 Vacuum Cleaning Robot for Pets and Allergies$$$$$Read Review
Hoover Platinum Lightweight Upright Vacuum with Canister, Bagged, UH30010COMHoover Platinum Lightweight Upright Vacuum with Canister, Bagged, UH30010COM$$Read Review
Neato XV-21 Pet & Allergy Automatic Vacuum CleanerNeato XV-21 Pet & Allergy Automatic Vacuum Cleaner$$$Read Review
Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Pet Rewind Plus Upright Vacuum, Bagless, UH70210Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Pet Rewind Plus Upright Vacuum, Bagless, UH70210, Billowy Blue Metallic$$Read Review
Eureka Boss Smart-Vac Upright HEPA Vacuum CleanerEureka Boss Smart-Vac Upright HEPA Vacuum Cleaner, 4870MZ$$Read Review

Various Types of Vacuums for Pet Hair

Some of the above options are optimal for the elderly or those who don’t want a large or heavy vacuum to lug around when trying to clean. Features like being bagless, cordless, portable, small, and lightweight are all displayed in some of those models.At this point, I would hope that you’ve been able to decide what specific type and brand of vacuum will fit your needs best. Even though finding a vacuum that properly cleans up pet hair can be difficult, you should now at least have a good idea about where you should begin your search!  Don’t forget to check the reviews too! Those are there to aid you with your final decision, so take advantage of what’s provided for you!

Deciding on Price

Many people decide that they have a limited budget before going into purchasing a vacuum. While this is perfectly understandable, oftentimes people forget that cheap isn’t always the best option. If you can only afford something under $100, then I would suggest you continue to save up and just deal with the vacuum you currently have until you’re able to afford something a bit more expensive. Not only will the more expensive models fit your needs better, but they’ll make the job easier and they’ll even last longer!

Oftentimes, people will settle for a cheap vacuum and will end up having to replace it a few months or a year later. In all reality, all this does is delay your purchase of a high quality vacuum. Most people get stuck in that cycle of continuously replacing the cheap vacuums with other cheap ones and they never think to just spend some extra money initially and save the time and effort of having to replace it on a regular basis. Please keep in mind that there’s nothing wrong with buying a cheaper vacuum if it gives you all you need, but typically a vacuum that has substantial quality and is able to clean pet hair properly is going to require a higher investment.

Sorting Through Reviews

As I mentioned previously, it’s a wise idea to sort through various reviews and recommendations before purchasing anything. It’s typically fairly easy to look these up online and it’s worth the time it takes to read through them, because you’ll be made aware of various issues and complaints that come up. This being said, there will always be customers who just want to complain about something. No matter what product you come across, there will always be at least one person who doesn’t know how to properly operate it and they post a complaint that it doesn’t work right, when in all reality it’s just because they’re misinformed about how to use it. This being said, it’s still worth reading through reviews, but you just need to be aware that there are some people who just can’t be counted on for an honest opinion.

While you’re on your search for reviews, you may also discover that the vacuum you were interested in is very useful for other types of material as well. Oftentimes various vacuums can be used on stairs, hardwood floors, or carpets and the reviews will help you determine if a specific model has that versatility or if it’s lacking in that area.

It would also be wise to further look into the options and settings that come built into each model. Many times you will find that there’s an option to turn off the beater brushes while still leaving the suction on. This helps the vacuum adapt to various environments and surfaces. Oftentimes you’ll discover these “hidden” features by reading reviews, so if you’re not one to read fully through an instruction manual, it may be beneficial to scan through some reviews in order to get an overview of what each model is capable of.

Remember, vacuums aren’t cheap, they’re an investment which is meant to last a long time, so don’t be too hasty with your purchase. Don’t be afraid to take your time and be sure you’ve put in ample research before making the final decision. This being said, after you’ve confirmed your purchase, let us know here what you decided on and how well it performs with picking up pet hair or just in general!

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